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Trimbakeshwar temple

Vastu Shanti

Vastu Shanti Puja is a religious and spiritual process of worship of Vastu Purush. Purush means Energy, Soul, and Shakti; thus Vastu Purush is the protector, soul and Lord of the house. The primary objectives of Vastu Shanti are:

  • To remove any land, structure, and interior arrangement faults or the Vastu Doshas.
  • To ask for forgiveness for any direct or indirect harm to the Nature and other living beings while construction of the house
  • To pacify any forces that may disturb the overall happiness of future occupants.
  • To request Vastu Purush to protect the home and the occupants from natural calamities
  • To solicit His blessings to bring health, wealth and prosperity to the occupants and
  • To resolve proper use of the house and to convert it into Home and Praasad
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Mahadev Niwas , Kailash RajaNagar, Behind Swami Samarth Kendra , Trimbakeswar, Nashik-12

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